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Elizabeth was a young teacher who loved her profession, worked in a private elementary school, loved teaching, and her students were wonderful. The fact that her work was with children added a small bit of drama to her life, it was already Friday and she would go home that day to return to her routine work at school on Monday, as usual. All she could think about was getting off work early to do another kind of “work” at home. Elizabeth finished her work at school, stood up from her seat, and said goodbye to her colleagues to get on her way home.

Someone else was doing the work
She wanted to come home with a few extra hours to set things ready and make an extra special day for David, her boyfriend; when he got home that evening. They needed a special and romantic weekend, she started to feel risky, for several months they were trying to have a baby and that special weekend was the right time to get it because it was difficult to take David away from his work; ho didn’t have time for her. When she came home she found David was having sex with another woman, she couldn’t believe it and she left the house to meet her friend Lucy in a bar.

Fisk the Risk
She told her friend everything that happened and told her that David was fucking the president of their homeowner’s association and besides, she tried to get pregnant but he couldn’t do it. Her friend told her that her brother would be back in town from overseas tomorrow and if she wants she should call him and goes out with him as friends, Elizabeth thought she was suggesting that she had to have a revenge affair with her brother. That same night, back at home, she lay down in bed with David who was sleeping, and immediately fell asleep. Elizabeth had a wet dream about Fisk, Lucy’s brother, when she woke up she masturbated next to her husband that was laying there and thought about fisk. When she finished, she looked for the phone number of Fisk that Lucy had given her; she decided to call him…

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