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Vitamins is a JDseal porn comic in which this horny milf continues with her story in which she fucks a young man with a big cock. It all starts in a long day, in which she returned home after shopping. The young man was looking forward to her coming back after being very worried about her, since she had been missing for several hours. Rose returned with a few bags and a large package that weighed a little.

John helped her carry the shopping bags and the package to the salon, since they weighed a little and she couldn’t with everything. He asked her where she had been so long and she replied that she had visited her doctor’s clinic, to prescribe some vitamins. They were a very special vitamins to improve the physical condition of those who took them, but above all it increased the desire to fuck, something they were milf was wanting to do at this time.

They took the two bottles of vitamins and took one, at the time of taking them they felt nothing, but when the hours passed they began to work. John felt his huge cock lengthen more and more, he felt that his pants would suddenly explode. Rose’s tits grew to a considerable size, enough for her shirt to completely tear apart. She couldn’t take it anymore and was ready to take that huge cock and massage it with her hands until she got the last drop of semen.

Rose loved to rub it between her tits and cum it on her face. But being penetrated by that huge cock and in her narrow ass made her feel incredible pleasure. Throughout that afternoon, John and Rose’s horny milf were fucking for hours until the effect of the vitamins disappeared completely.

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