Unusual Boyfriend

Unusual Boyfriend

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In this comic, Unusual Boyfriend we can see how a girl approaches a lake to clean her dirty pussy and looks at a rare silhouette that is far away in the water, it was an aquatic humanoid but she did not know that so she runs away to catch him and when he grabbed him he realized that he was in the shape of a man and had grabbed him by the cock, the humanoid seeing that he was touching his cock was scared and became a sphere of floating water.
The girl, seeing that it had become a sphere of water, put it in a jar and took it home to investigate it, but what she didn’t know is that it could become what she wanted and when she got home and uncapped the jar the water sphere began to take out tentacles and put them through the pussy, the ass and the mouth.
The girl was very excited and the humanoid decided to make him stronger until he ejaculated inside her but she told him that he didn’t want her to ejaculate inside her.
The humanoid ignored her and ejaculated inside her, thus fertilizing her and introducing an aquatic humanoid fetus into her so that she would give birth to a son of her and thus be able to conquer the world.

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