Treehouse of Horror 2

Treehouse Of Horror 2 Simpsons 01

In this episode of The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror… On a full moon night, in the heart of the forest, Ned Flanders turns into a werewolf. He scared the Simpson family who ran desperately to be alive; Marge and Lisa ran far side Homer, Bart, and Maggie. In the distant, Moude Flanders was waving her arms for help, they both ran to the house and came in but it was a trap Moude also turned into a female werewolf. Moude wanted them for dinner; Marge and Lisa were terrified, they did not want to be eaten by that savage beast. But suddenly Moude had a flashback to the moment she thought Ned had died.

When Moude knew Neddy´s buddy-diddly
Ned was alive, he came into their room, he wanted to celebrate his came back home. Ned ate her pussy and stuck his finger in Moude’s asshole; she thought to herself that it was not Ned she knew, she was amazed. Flanders fucked her like never before; suddenly he turned into a werewolf, she almost lost her mind when she saw that beast with a huge boner. This Neddy werewolf fucked her so hard that she started to cry loud out and begged for mercy. After a few minutes, the werewolf came into Moude´s pussy copiously. Moude were crying and ran to the bathroom, there she turned into a werewolf too. These two beasts fucked until they fell asleep; and this is how Moude became a werewolf, having a night of savage sex with Neddy.
The next morning they were discussing in the kitchen the Simpsons’ guilt about everything that was happening to them. They both went down to the basement to finally ate Marge and Lisa for dinner, when the two werewolf came down Marge and Lisa tried to escape. They quickly ran upstairs, Lisa ran faster and came out unharmed but Marge was not so lucky, Moude scratched her arm Marce’s arm leaving her a huge wound. They got out; Lisa quickly closed the door, leaving them safe for a while.

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