The Run – Dora the Explorer

The Run Dora the Explorer


In this comic The Run Dora the Explorer we see how dora along with her friend go on a trip together in a small plane and then dora wants to fuck with the pilot and went to him to lower his pants and suck his cock but He was wrong and instead of grabbing his cock he grabbed a lever of the plane’s control knob which led to an accident.

After such an uproar, everyone went out, but Dora had not taken the desire to fuck the pilot of the plane, she turned back to him to suck his cock but the pilot was angry and shouted insults to him not to approach him Dora, seeing such anger, became quite excited and proceeded to pounce on the pilot and began to suck his cock.

When the pilot felt his wet mouth sucking his cock, he was very excited and asked him to open his legs so that he could insert his penis into his vagina, Dora upon hearing this began to get excited much more and the pussy became very wet, proceeded to open your legs for the pilot to put his huge cock in her pussy.

As Dora was opening her legs the pilot noticed something unusual in her pussy and when Dora finished opening her legs the pilot of the plane realized that she had not shaved the pussy area, this excited the pilot more and his cock suffered an erection, Dora seeing the erection that had the cock of the pilot excited until such an ejaculate point without having to put the huge cock in his tight pussy.

The pilot, seeing that Dora had ejaculated, told him that if he wanted to continue, then Dora pounced on him and told him to put his huge cock through her tiny ass so he could cum again.

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