Super Crown Madness!

Super Crown Madness

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In this Super Crown Madness comic! We can see how Mario and Princess Peach get angry and Princess Peach leaves the house for a walk and finds a rather rare crown on the floor.

Princess Peach went to catch her and a voice was heard that said not to take her, Princess Peach was scared and began to look everywhere desperate because she could not find the person who was talking to her, she was sure she had heard a voice but he did not know where that voice came from but when he went back to take the crown nothing was heard and when he put on the crown he began to have impulses from his body towards her pussy, her pussy began to get more and more wet.

Princess Peach started to run to the house where Mario Bros was and when he arrived at the house, Mario asked him what was happening but the princess was possessed by the curse of the crown and did not talk to anyone, he just fucked anyone You will find your way.

When Mario saw this, he took the opportunity and told the princess that he wanted to fuck her, the princess said nothing, just said with her head and Mario threw herself on her, Mario had been waiting for this moment for a long time since the princess was pure and He hadn’t fucked anyone until then, Mario pulled his huge dick out of his pants and began to put his cock through the tight pussy of the peach-like princess that ejaculated inside her and left her pregnant.

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