Stress Testing – Romulo Melkor Mancin

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Keiichi Morisato is an engineering student at the Nekomi Institute of Technology. He is a quiet and shy boy with a strong Moral; such a good guy. Urd, the oldest Bellydandy’s sister, always interfered with Keiichi and Belldandy’s relationship, Urd was goodness but inside she was half-demon. Unlike her sister, she was impulsive and passionate about everything she does. Urd tried to improve her sex knowledge by making love with Keiichi Morisato, that day she got the right lie to reach her proposition, she told Keiichi that she would approve their relationship with Belldandy but she needed to register a sample of his human DNA.

The DNA sample
When he got home, Keiichi met Urd she was alone in his bedroom, by the way, Keiichi was still a virgin boy and Urd knew it. Urd was getting closer to him slowly, brought his face closer and gave him a softly kiss, Keiichi thought to himself that he betrayed Belldandy, Urd said that it was for both goods he needed to learn how to it so Belldandy wouldn’t let him go never. Keiichi was falling into Urd’s trap and let himself be carried by her then she got on her knee and, as she told him, she got to get a sample of Keiishi DNA; a big one. The goddess Urd ate his dick passionately, Keiichi couldn’t hold it for a longer and shot his semen on her boobs; it was the first time he cum.

Oh! Urd. Oh! My Goddess
Keiichi told her that she already had the sample she wanted and she said that it was just to warm up; things were going to get even better for him, they were going to have some real fun. Keiichi was in the mood, he laid on the bed pleased and Urd put on the top, the Keiishi’s dick got into her slowly she felt it hard and warm; her pussy got so much sensitive. Keiichi cum inside her with another good shot.

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