Slutfire – Teen Titans

Slutfire Teen Titans


Slutfire is a hentai parody of Teen Titans in which Starfire was lately doing very strange things, putting on very tight clothes and trying to kidnap most of the boys. One of those days, when he walked through the corridors of the heroes’ base, he kissed Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg. She also lifted her skirt a little and let them look between her legs, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing, her eyes were fixed on that beautiful pussy.

But going back a few days ago, Slutfire was going to be a new member of the Teen Titans and for that I would need a presentation with the other members. Robin was a joker and considering that Slutfire was from another planet she would not understand everything he was going to explain. When the whole group was together, Robin joked Slutfire with the exchange of fluids that humans made to get to know each other better.

Raven was totally hallucinating with this girl, she was so dumb that she believed everything they told her. Among the boys they took her and began to massage her body, they couldn’t believe that such a beautiful girl was finally in the group. Raven was hiding in a wall, but she couldn’t resist watching while masturbating her pussy, she really would like to be that girl right now.

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