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it`s was A quiet neighborhood, she was arriving just after getting out of prison. Trent’s home was the first place she went, and when he opened the door Trent got quickly furious. Sometime before, she had an affair with Trent’s brother, Alex; she had put her children in danger. Alex had moved out of town with her children and she was already part of their past, a very dark one. Trent spilled his guts to her then she proposed to talk, told him she would leave but that she had a proposition to make him before doing so.

The proposition
She knew he was already a house husband but the proposal she had was that he could fuck her right there, he could do to her all the sick things his wife wouldn’t let him do never. Trent heard her proposition and could take out his anger on her by fucking her, he had to make a quick decision otherwise he wouldn’t have time to fuck her because his wife would be home from work; just by telling her to leave she would do it. It was a difficult decision for Trent, his anger turned to lust in an instant so he decided to invite her to come in.

The vengeance
She was incredibly horny, she spent so much time in prison she had a lot of time without hooking around. He quickly pulled down her pants and took out Trent’s dick to suck it and so she did. He got naked and started fucking her, he knew he had to do it all fast because his wife would be in there at any moment, Trent had cum inside her ass and pissed on her; he was so upset he couldn’t even pronounce her name. They fucked again, a second-round this time even dirtier, she was his dirty whore. When Trent finished he threw her out of his home and went out to do some gardening at that moment his wife arrived, and talked to him without any suspicion, only that when she arrived at the house door she saw a not well out a cigarette that makes her had doubts.

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