Salem Witch Trials: They’re ready to breed

Salem Witch Trials

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In this XXX comic we see how a queen was with her maid. She ordered him to go after her favorite sex toy, this was a semen milker.

The queen liked to be raped by all her servants while she had that milker hooked to the cock and pulled out all her semen. On this occasion they tied her up as if she were a prisoner, undressed her and her assistant began to lick her pussy with a lot of passion.

That girl was very horny, always wanted to fuck her queen. That day was the most anticipated, since he had not fucked her for a long time. When he had finished fucking her, he gave orders to all the monsters of the court to fuck the queen. While the queen was screaming with pleasure, every time she felt like a cock slipped through her ass, a spurt of semen filled the bucket.

This was a customary ritual, which every queen must do to please her men.

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