Raven’s Lust – Palcomix

Ravens Lust - Palcomix

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In this teen titan porn comic we see how Raven is in a state of lethargy. A deminian being says that she will be the one who will conquer the world and destroy everything. The young wizard casts a spell on Raven and is awake.

She is naked and chained, when her young boss went to visit her she was masturbating. He told him that if he wanted to be free, Raven answered yes. He sent her to the Titans school.

There he inflicted for a while, all his friends never suspected that she was a demon sent to destroy everything. One day when they gave him the order to wake up he was masturbating while waiting for his friends. When his classmates entered they saw Raven naked. She was pinching her nipples, while with her other hand she fortified her clitoris. Everyone was impressed to see this, but the sexy Raven washed their minds and made him believe that was normal.

All those were deceived except a robot that by having a virtual memory was impossible to enchant. So they sent Starfie to fuck him to control him. All this worked and Raven had taken control of the school. Now all the girls were whores who used to fuck at all hours. Raven’s boss got mad at her. This was not paying attention, the only thing she did was fuck like crazy at all hours.

At that time the two fought, but Raven and his desire for sex ended up defeating his master and he ended up being the one who controlled everything.

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