Night Life 1

Night Life 1 01

She felt lonely so she decided to go out and see what the night brings; it has been a long time that she hasn’t had an affair. She walked by a lonely street without going in any particular direction, at the end of that street she barely saw a weak light and went towards that place.
A man laid at the door, he was the doorman of the nightclub, then she decided to come in and hang out. She realized it was a strip club when she went inside; the most expensive strip girls worked there. In this place, private dancers performed the lap dance showing her naked chicks and creampied pussies. It was the perfect place to hang out and try to pick up whores, she thought.

The wild night has just begun
She sat down at the bar but didn’t know what to order; suddenly a drink slipped onto the bar counter and stopped just in front of her. She was surprised and thought the drink was bought by a stranger on his phone but he was not paying attention to anything, so she asked the bartender who had bought that drink. The bartender pointed to the corner of the bar, she quickly directed her gaze, and a lonely girl was waving at her. At the first sight, she noticed she was a beautiful and voluptuous woman, without hesitation, so she waved her back and smiled.
Without warning, the mysterious girl opened wide her legs and performed a sex gesture with her hands. Sat on the other side, she reacted with an eye-fuck sight. She took her drink, got up from the bar table, and slowly walked over to the corner where the mystery girl was sitting. She put her drink on the table and without saying a word she directly kiss her, spread her legs, and started to finger her; the wild night had just started.

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