My Mom And Sister Are Size Queen Sluts 2

My Mom And Sister Are Size Queen Sluts 2 Milfs


This is the second part of this great interracial sex porn comic, in this part we see how Jon is making his life as distant from his mother and sister.

Rumors that Jon’s mother was a whore and that he fucked all men, they were everywhere, in the village fair they saw her with other men. About the sister, it was rumored that she was stealing dienro and was going to buy drugs, she also said that she was a whore and that she was going to fuck with the most criminals in town. But Jon didn’t say anything, the only thing that people thought was a responsible boy and that his mother and sister were whores.

Jon was so happy he was wishing he could leave that place. When he returned from training, his sexy mother told him that he had to talk to him. He told her he had to stop masturbating and showed him a boat with all his son’s semen, then he drank it all. The young man stopped masturbating and his hell had just begun.

His mother and sister were testing him all day, so that he would get horny and be able to fuck that huge cock. Jon tried to control himself and relax his mind, but he didn’t know how long he was going to be able to hold on. We will know how this story continues in the following porn comics.

We hope you enjoyed this XXX comic.

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