MomDarker 1 – Dexter

MomDarker 1 Dexter

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MomDarker 1 is a porn parody of Dexter in which his mother returns from shopping, but is held by Mandark to fuck her in the car. Dexter and his sister Dee Dee were very happy that his mother had returned to buy him some things to stop eating. They had a great day and everything went according to plan. But a terrible villain lurked in any corner of his house.

It was Mandark, who was short of seeing Dexter thrive in his laboratory. I was jealous and I couldn’t stop thinking about making life bitter in any way. Every time Mandark tries to defeat him, he fails in any mission, although this time it may be different. His mother could be for this villain the most important point to fulfill his revenge.

So without thinking for another moment, he teleports near Dexter’s mother’s car. She was entertaining taking the bags from the supermarket, while he attacked him from behind. His ass was huge, but she shoved him away. Mandark was furious and used his mind controlling lightning against her. Now she was under Mandark’s control, took off her bra and started touching her tits. He could finally complete an evil plan, after fucking Dexter’s mother in the car.

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Erotic comics have been almost since the start of animation. They often feature sexualized versions of popular thriving characters from substitute series and genres. While some people find them offensive, others enjoy the sexual arousal they provide. Either way, there's no denying that erotic comics are a popular form of pornography.
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