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Moana Return

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Moana Return 1 is a porn comic of the famous movie that takes place after everything that happened in it. Moana was watching the beach to have everything under control and that no one suffered any kind of damage. Far away at sea, a couple was kissing and trying to have sex in public, but moana warned them to go somewhere else. They were a little angry and went to a more secluded and private place to have fun together.

A little later, it was already getting dark and Moana was going to close the guard post. She warned everyone on the beach that they should go home, although most people wanted to stay a little longer. Moana was preparing all the things to take them to his house and even to his pig that was very dirty and would give him a bath as soon as he arrived. His friend Flui was waiting for him at home and proposed to the girl to take a good bath to remove all the dirt from the beach.

However, he had other plans and while she undressed and takes a good shower Flui was watching through a hole as she rubbed her huge tits with soap. He took off his cock and began to masturbate until all the semen stained his cabin. One of his friends appeared right there and planned to fuck her. Moana was willing to eat a good cock right now and would not miss the opportunity to fuck her friend in the shower. For everyone in the village she was well known as a whore.

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