Lucoas Tentacle Party – 3Mangos

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Lucoa a lovely and carefree girl is a former dragon goddess that in her human form is a hot blonde with huge and juicy boobs but she keeps her dragon’s horns, she have heterochromia which makes her even more beautiful and fuckable. The day she had waited so long had arrived. Lucoa had been waiting for years, it was Shouta-kun’s 18th birthday and she had had a big surprise for him. Shouta and Lucoa had a difficult relationship, Lucoa always try to get his attention but he sees her like a succubus. When Shouta comes home, it would be a nice birthday surprise waiting for him.

A special gift
Shouta was coming home happily; he was already a big boy and had a lot of things on his mind now that he was 18 years old. He was going home not knowing what was waiting for him there; when he arrived, he found the birthday surprise that Lucoa had for him. When he walked into his home he saw that Lucoa was there alone, she was excited to see Shouta and started jumping around so her voluminous boobs stared to jiggle and bounce. She noticed that Shouta was not paying attention to her so she decided to take off her top and told him that she was his birthday present.

The birthday party
Shouta got furious and with a spell he made a grotesque demon with many tentacles appear; Lucoa cried out in terror. The tentacles started grabbing Lucoa all over her body, she couldn’t protect herself. Shouta said that let the wrath of the dark realm satisfy her corrupted urges; he enjoyed her weakness. The tentacles slipped all over Lucoa’s body and from their tips began to come out cum; Lucoa began to enjoy it and asked Shouta to join the party.

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