Lucario’s Gift

Lucario's Gift

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Lucario’s Gift is a Furry Porn Comic Lucario fucks mew.

While Lucaro walked through the forest he met a strange pokemon. These two became very friends and little by little the two were attracting sexually. There came a time when they had sex, Mew to make Luacrio more horny was transformed into sexy girls or other pokemons.

This was the best thing that could happen to Lucario, he could fuck whoever he wanted, since Mew could be transformed into what he wanted. This was the best gift he had received in his life. So they were fucking for a long time, but Lucario was still missing something. He wanted to fuck Mew without transforming, all he wanted was to fuck his original body. This accepted and became its original form.

Lucario became very horny to feel that pokemon was fucked. I was enjoying more than ever.

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