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In this porn comic Love Potion 69 we can see how Hermione and Harry potter are doing a potions job that they had been instructed to do in order to pass the subject of spells and potions.

But Hermione was wrong to add one of the ingredients and created a psychotropic concoction that caused her and Harry to enter a very good hallucination state in which they were on top of each other and Harry began to suck Hermione’s pussy but she He said why he was doing that and Harry was telling him that he was very excited to have her on top of it and Hermione realized that he was also excited to see Harry sucking her tight pussy so he grabbed Harry’s cock and started sucking her.

Hermione wanted more so she conjured a spell on Harry’s cock and made it three times as big as it was before she did the spell and Harry when she saw that Hermione wanted more she conjured another spell on her pussy to lubricate him and that you could enter his huge cock by his tight pussy so Hermione stopped sucking his cock and began trying to sit on top of his cock so that he would get into her tight pussy until Harry ejaculated inside her and when they looked at the ball of the future which taught the future of people saw them with 5 children and Hermione pregnant with another son of Harry.

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