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Theo was a handsome young boy; he was a thin boy with wavy blonde hair. He was the owner of a big manor house outside town. This house had a beautiful garden full of flowers; he loved plants, he was a botanical student at the local university. One day a kitty girl’s family came to town, Emmy the older sister, Aqua, and the little one, Ruby. They had no place to stay that day so Theo kindly offered them his house to stay. He just had knew two of them, Ruby was no there; Theo would know her, that is fact.

¿Is there another kitty girl?
Theo was not there when Ruby came to his home, when Theo first met her, he went crazy for her instantly. Ruby was a shy kitten, she was the prettiest little kitty girl Theo’s ever seen. Ruby’s sisters quickly noticed what was happened there, they knew they would fall in love with each other. As their guest, they had to be king to him. Theo was not at home, he was to the local store to get some supplies, he came back home and saw Ruby trying to gardening; It was the right time to meet and fall in love.
Later that evening, after a long day, Theo just wanted to take a bath and go to sleep. Aqua saw him and told him that Emmy had prepared a relaxing bath for him, he notices that the bathroom was not empty, Ruby was there so he tried to get out but it was too late; he easily fell into this trap. There was no way to escape; Aqua locked the door from the outside with a chair. Ruby told Theo not to worry about it; Aqua does this kind of jokes every time and invited to stay there. As was expected, this kitten was afraid of water so she asked Theo for help, both got into the tub and helped her to overcome her fear; in that moment they were intimately together for the first time.

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