Extra Lesson – Aroma Sensei

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You are very welcome to another Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry adventure. This time, Hermione and two classmates fell into Draco Malfoy’s trap; an erotic spell led these three girls to the highest sex drive level. They never thought the spell Pénesus tentáculus effect would trap them, now they got entangled in a creeper with penile tentacles.

Hermione’s notepad
In Professor McGonagall’s class, everything keeps going good except the noisy voices and laughter in the background of the classroom; it was Draco McFoyld and his friends enjoying a pornographic whorehouse magazine. Professor MaMacGonogall told them off and asked Draco to answer a question related to the class, but he was lost. Hermione tried to give the correct answer but Professor McGonagall interrupted her insisting on Malfoyld’s answer, but he didn’t know it.

When the class just finished, Professor McGonagall talked to Hermione alone to ask if she could help two faculty friends to practice the transfiguration spell. Draco steals Hermione’s notepad at this very moment and finds out her secrets; he got a note about penis enlargement spell and supposed she used it on Ron Wesley. Besides he found the spell she was supposed to practice on her friends, so Malfoy altered the notes on the notepad and exchanged the spells to hinder the practice.

It’s time to put a spell on them
Two hours later, Hermione and her hot classmates met in the potion room. Luna, one of the girls, was encouraged to practice the spell on some flowers and cast the wrong spell of Pénisus Tentáculus shocking on the other girls. It was too late when Hermione verified the wrong spell; a creeper with penile tentacles had entrapped them. Draco Malfoy appeared in that very same instant revealing his responsibility in the matter. To complicate matters further, one of the penile tentacles broke some bottles of love potion. These spells unleashed the lust of these horny girls.

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