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Imagine a table game in which you embody your favorite character while immersing in a sexual experience. That was just happening; Jeanet was the hostess of this game, her guests didn’t suspect what would happen next. In this story, the most mighty mythical creatures turn into sex characters acting under the players’ commands. You are very welcome to join this exciting adventure.

Roll the dice
Mya was the first player who started the naughtiness. She embodied in the game as Mya ThunderThigh; a horny warrior fighting against any monster. The first challenge from Janet was to confront a Menacing Minotaur. Every player, even the Minotaur, was stunned when Mya said that she would try to fuck him. There were certain rules for monsters sex and Mya had to prove herself worthy.

Mya ThunderThigh used her powerful grapple attack opening her legs and wrapping around the Minotaur face. The Minotaur secret weapon was his enormous boner, so she made him a blowjob until cumming to tame and slump him to the ground. Nevertheless, it was only the beginning; Janet called the three embodied players and made a magic spell to announce the upcoming challenges.

Mya had to deal with most of the monsters and their sexual challenges. Suddenly, she was fucked by the Deadly Ork Duo; they used their double team attack. A mimic used its tentacles to tie her up and stimulate her body. A bunch of Fanatical Cum Cultists did a gangbang with her, but those characters had made a pact with a Demon who also fucked her.

At that point, Janet embodied Lilim and made another spell to charm the boys against Mya. Both boys were forced to fuck Mya, nevertheless Sean also had the power to charm Janet and include her to make an orgy. It’s time for a reality check, the game is over and male players were driven to the door by Janet who wanted to fuck Mya.

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