Crazy Insane Sex – Fred Perry

Crazy Insane Sex Fred Perry

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In this Crazy Insane Sex Fred Perry comic we can see how deadpool wants to flirt with a girl at the disco but he doesn’t know how to approach her, so he asks a friend and the friend tells him to go and ask him what his name is, Deadpool heads towards the girl but at that moment the joker approaches the girl to flirt with her too and gets it.

Dead pool to see this gets quite angry and leaves the nightclub furious, but this does not end here, deadpool goes to his house and collects two guns and 3 swords to go to the joker’s house and rescue the girl from the tits great, when he went to the mansion of the joker he crosses with batman and who asked him where he was going but deadpool thought that if he told him he would also want to fuck with the girl with the big tits so he said he was going to kill some pretty evil guys who lived on the outskirts of the city.

When he finally thought he had gotten rid of batman, he came across him again and Batman told him that he was wrong on the way because he was not heading to the outskirts but going deeper into the city, so Deadpool had no choice but to tell him to batman the truth and batman to hear that he decided to accompany him because the joker is his greatest enemy.

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