Controlling Mother 2

Controlling Mother 2


Having gained mastery of his mother’s mind, Kenta rejoices in his room thinking of all he will do from now on to satisfy his sexual desires with the use of a helmet.

However, while Kenta was performing this internal monologue on himself, he was unaware that his mother had taken over the helmet to test its functioning.

By the time Kenta notices the absence of the helmet in his room he enters in desperation and begins to look for it in every corner, but it is too late, since, his mother has discovered how to use it.

At that moment, Kenta begins to feel tired and sleepy, a product of the mental control that his mother was exerting on him, making him unconscious.

When he wakes up, Kenta finds himself naked on the bed with a headache and wondering where he was, when at that moment his mother enters dressed in an underwear that marked the attributes of his voluptuous body.

Then she pounces on Kenta and begins to touch his dick until making it hard like a rock, taking advantage of that moment to place it in the middle of her enormous boobs and use her lips to play with it.

Then she places her pussy on Kenta’s face to suck it, while her lips continued to pamper her son’s dick, licking its tip and putting it in her mouth.

This makes Kenta feel an indescribable pleasure to the point of not being able to contain his impulses and explode in the face of his mother, who then delights in tasting his cum.

Although Kenta had been satisfied, her mother still had the energy to continue, still taking advantage of his son’s erection to put it in her pussy and satisfy the sexual desire that still ran through her body.

Kenta resists until his mother reaches the climax, but the situation takes an unexpected turn the moment he tries to escape from her and recover his helmet.

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