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In this porn comic Coming of Age created by Palcomix we can see how a witch is in love with her queen but she doesn’t know how to tell her so she makes a magic potion that would make the witch’s queen fall in love.

While the witch was making this potion, the queen entered her hut for advice and caught the witch with her hands in the dough but the queen did not know what she was making that potion for and asked her what it was for Witch replied that it would be useful for those who took it to have luck in love and find their ideal partner, then the queen said that if she could try it first and the witch said yes.

When the queen drank the potion she began to feel good and to get aroused, her pussy got wet and the nipples of her tits began to harden, the queen looked at the witch and told her that if she wanted to fuck with her what the witch would A resounding yes answered and they began to fuck the two together. When the queen was at her best, the witch told her to wait for a moment that she was going to the service and when she returned from the service she had a huge cock between her legs and told her that she had done witchcraft and now she could fuck better with the cock than I had.

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Erotic comics are a form of artwork that typically characterize sexual or sexually suggestive scenes. They can be found in a variety of different mediums, including movies, video games, and successful TV series. While the content of each individual comic may vary, they whatever share a common goal: to titillate and nettle their viewers.
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