Call of The Wild

Call of The Wild


Call of The Wild is a porn comic in which we see two characters of Dota, an online multiplayer game that tries to kill subjects and win gold in order to buy objects and improve these objects in order to defeat your enemies and destroy their towers , once you have destroyed the defensive towers you have to destroy their camp and thus be able to win the game.

In this Dota-based comic we can see how the goddess of the wind gets fucked and a minotaur fucks her that her power is to penetrate the females of the game until they explode through the semen that pours them into them.

The minotaur is on a sunny day and accidentally sees a young woman singing through the haunted forest and seeing the ass so beautiful she had approaches her and tries to fall in love, she sees such a beast is scared and tries to flee but the minotaur She is faster than her and manages to reach her, when she finally reaches her, she ties her to a tree and proceeds to put her penis in her mouth, the girl felt overwhelmed and the minotaur when she noticed him stopped putting her penis in her mouth and He started to put his penis in his ass.

The girl shouted hopefully that someone would listen to her but nobody could hear her because she had gone too far into the forest, realizing that no one could help her began to enjoy it and ended up sucking his penis again, the minotaur seeing this He untied her and began to put his penis in her pussy without stopping until he ejaculated inside and when he finally ejaculated inside her she became inflated and satisfied and thanked her for having fucked.

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