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This story of the powerpuff girls begins in the city of Saltadilla, a dream place. The girls with super powers and Professor Utonium were waking up from a long nap after a busy day. Bubble was very excited with the teacher and as soon as he saw him he pounced on him, she threw him on the floor with a blow. He had a very good day to start with a hug from his beloved girls and especially from Bubble, who had a deeper feeling for the Professor.

She whispered in his ear that they could spend more time together at the site, he was very flushed because he didn’t know what to say. The other girls were left with a very serious face and took her arms to take her to the kitchen to prepare something for breakfast. Blossom explained to the girls that they shouldn’t act that way, especially the way Bubble ended up throwing Professor Utonium.

Buttercup seemed to be very tired and could not even be a second listening to his brother, so he stayed napping in the chair. Bubble explained that a while ago, she also tried to sneak completely naked in the teacher’s room and should not be angry at what she had done this morning. In the end, I don’t hear anything Blossom was telling him and asked them to go somewhere else until night, to be alone with the teacher. While they were in the park chatting that their sister, Bubble gave the teacher a surprise. She lay naked on the bed as she entered the door and surprised him. Bubble was made on top of the teacher and began to kiss him with a lot of tenderness.

He couldn’t believe what was happening, but in his deep heart he knew he liked it. She undressed him completely and began to suck his cock, it had a taste that he would never forget again. Professor Utonium was about to cum in her mouth and she swallowed all the semen so she knew everything she loved.

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