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In an unfortunate turn of events, Bowser manages to capture Princess Peach by taking her to her castle to lock her in the dungeon and seize the crown. Everything was going according to plan where, at last, Bowser seemed to have got away with it, but, at the moment of placing the crown on his head, a strange magic is released and transforms his body into that of a voluptuous woman. Bowser (now Bowsette) is confused and annoyed by the result, when at that moment Mario enters abruptly to defeat him and rescue Peach, but is surprised to see instead an attractive woman and tight clothes.

So Mario decides to show a bit of courtesy and introduce himself to the woman without suspecting it was Bowser, who decides to take advantage of his new form to try to attack Mario, but his efforts are useless, due to his limited physical capabilities. However, Mario decides to retire thinking that he had made a mistake when entering there, when at that moment Peach shouts for help and attracts his attention. Fearing being discovered, Bowsette decides to take a risk and use the attributes of his new body to flirt with Mario and distract his attention from Peach’s voice.

Bowsette accomplishes his task and hits Mario with a mallet leaving him unconscious on the floor, but the punch leaves his dick exposed, which makes her feel the need to bend over to suck it until it is erect enough to put it in her pussy and thus enjoy a pleasure that she had never felt before. However, at that moment they are discovered by Peach, who manages to escape from the dungeon after taking off her dress. At first Peach is angry about Mario’s action, but then she is interested in joining the experience and sharing with Bowsette the pleasure offered by her powerful and firm penis.

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