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Bitch's Lesson

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In this porn comic Bitch’s Lesson Palcomix we can see how a dog has just entered the elite body of the police and the sergeant tells him to accompany him to do some special physical tests to see what he is capable of.

The dog asks him where they were going and the sergeant told him that he would find out soon, when the dog entered the sergeant’s room and saw that the sergeant began to undress he asked him why he was undressing and the sergeant replied that the test was to fuck with him to see how much endurance he has and so know if he can devote it to missions of importance but the dog tells him that he did not want and that he was going to go to his house but at that same moment a dog named Scot appeared who told him to the sergeant who stopped doing that.

The sergeant when he saw that his subordinate was telling him that he could not contain himself and ordered him to leave that room but Scot told him that if he did not leave her alone he would fight with him to protect her and the sergeant told him that because he did not join them and It helped him to rape her. When Scot heard that it occurred to him to rape her too and he liked the idea so I accept and together they raped her.

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