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A Furcom-style Palcomix porn comic in which we see how Mina a hedgehog was with her boyfriend in a park. This was telling him that he had to go see sonic.

Mina’s boyfriend suspected some of this, had a feeling that some kind of relationship was between them. She told him to be calm that nothing was wrong and ran to see Sonic.

Once I was with Sonic the two began to talk, soon there was a very strong sexual tension between them. They couldn’t help it and they started kissing and touching their bodies. Sonic and Mina went to a house and there they started to fuck. Mina was a little shy at first, but when she felt Sonic’s cock enter her pussy, she was losing her shame. She groaned with pleasure with every blow that Sonnic put. The orgasms were better than the ones she had with her other boyfriend.

At the end of fucking Sonic left and she returned with her other boyfriend. There she was sad, possibly because of the regrets of having been unfaithful to her boyfriend.

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