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Spy mouse-girl came into the Dairy King, co. she was jumping on the neighborhood roof until she reaches the company roof; the infiltration was completed. Silently she went down from the roof; she was trained for this job, she just had to find the cheese and run away. Just a few minutes pass away and she found the cheese, it was too easy, the cheese was on a pedestal illuminated by a light bulb; it was too good to be true, she didn’t know that something wrong would happen. She thought the cat was dumb enough to find a better place to leave the cheese; a successful and trouble-free mission indeed.

Creamy Poisoned Cheese
She took the cheese, it looked delicious and so big she couldn’t resist and take just a bite of it. It was much better than she expected, the cheese was so thick, creamy, and addictive but something else was added to it, she felt dizzy and passed out. When she woke she was tied and saw the Cat, she was in real trouble. The Cat told her if she thought that she could do the same shit over and over again without being caught, her acts had consequences and he knew how to punish her; she was going to pay for all the cheese she had stolen.

Cheese’s Secret Ingredient
She was a victim of groping, the Cat touched her boobs and pussy then he showed her his huge penile spine’s cat, he grabbed his cock and fix it into her pussy; the poor mouse felt the spines rake the walls of her pussy. He fucked her hard that she begged to let her go but she was in no position to negotiate; she was going to pass out again. The Cat cum inside her pussy and then he threw her out of the way and tell her the cheese’s secret ingredient; the cheeses she had stolen in the past months were made from mouse milk

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