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Avatar Bending Break 1 Palcomix


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It was a sunny day for Aang and his friends, who were on the beach sharing and enjoying a pleasant moment. This also marks the occasion for Aang and Azula to sign a truce to preserve peace momentarily between the community of air and fire.

After a while, Aang tells Katara that she needs to be away for a moment to resolve a personal matter, which involved seeing June alone on a secluded island. After arriving at the site, Aang mentions to June about a bet she had prepared for him, while he gives her some gold coins in exchange.

However, June proposes to return his money only if he, as a challenge, succeeds in satisfying her sexually. Aang decides to accept the challenge, which June throws on the floor, placing herself on top of him, as she lifts her dress to expose her huge ass and sit on top of Aang’s pelvis to feel the huge erection hidden beneath her shorts.

June ends up undressing completely until she exposes her firm, round breasts, elevating Aang’s excitement, which he doesn’t hesitate to make evident as June lowers his shorts to expose his hard, firm cock and stand like the flagpole of a flag.

This awakens the appetite of June, who decides to place Aang’s dick in the middle of her boobs to play with it a little before sucking on it, making Aang reach a point of uncontainable pleasure that causes a powerful ejaculation on June’s face.

Despite her anger at this premature reaction, June decides to continue, placing her pussy on Aang’s face in order to make his tongue work on her, while she sucks his cock to activate it and proceed to the next stage of the challenge.

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