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A quiet night at home for Timmy who, just 24 hours before his 18th birthday, was in the company of his magic godparents using his computer to explore online porn sites in search of some material with which to satisfy the curiosity provoked by his impetuous sexual appetite. When he finds the perfect category, he asks Cosmo to materialize his choice through a wish, but just as he prepares to enjoy his sexual fantasy, he is interrupted by a sudden apparition. It is Jorgen who angry, claims from Timmy the banal use he has given his magic godparents to get sex for so long, emphasizing that he can only have them until he turns 18.

Without being able to wish to be a child again, Timmy will have to think of a plan that will allow him to have his magic godparents for longer. Meanwhile, Tootie finds herself in her room writing stories inspired by her unrequited love for Timmy, when she is interrupted by Vicky, who mocks her hobby and the futility of her efforts to conquer it. Angry and looking sexier, Tootie decides to go to Timmy’s house to show Vicky how wrong she is. She enters his room, surprising him by seeing her sitting on his bed dressed provocatively.

Then, Tootie lowers her pants and begins to lick her pink dick, making Timmy experience a pleasure she had never felt before. Tootie feels that her dream is about to come true, when suddenly Timmy stops her and tells her that he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings and that he isn’t attracted to her. Disheartened, Tootie leaves and Timmy asks her magical godparents to meet his wish to take him to where Trixie is to confess his love, but at that moment, the situation takes an unexpected turn that will completely change the love story of Timmy.

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