7TH Heaven 1 – Stormfeder

7th Heaven Stormfeder 01

7TH Heaven is the first part of this Final Fantasy 7 Porn Comic. This Porn Comic is drawn by Stormfeder, which has made Tifa very sexy.

The story of this comic is about a boy who is in the tifa bar. The young man is a little sad and Tifa notices it immediately, the young woman with big tits comes to give him a drink and asks the young man. This one with a sad look ignores him.

At that moment Tifa takes off her tits and puts them on the table, the young man is very surprised to see those huge and sexy tifa tits in front of his face. Tifa gets down on her knees and begins to cover the young man’s cock, which was hard just seeing Tifa’s nipples.

The girl at the bar is quickly turned on and her pussy gets very wet, she needed to put that delicious cock in her pussy. The cock entering little by little in Tifa’s pussy made her get hotter. She and the young man began to fuck wildly without stopping. Tifa’s tits bounced madly everywhere, this made her more horny. The young boy was morbid to fuck the sexiest girl in sector 7 that easy.

Tifa had a great orgasm shortly after starting to fuck, that guy’s big cock entering his juicy pussy to stimulate his G-spot and he couldn’t help but come with his sexy ahegao face.

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