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50 Shades of Bros

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50 Shades of Bros is a xxx comic by Psicoero and porn parody by Mario Bros in which Luigi had gone to look for some mushrooms, but he finds a surprise. The two brothers had run out of food, Luigi had nothing to do, so he ventured into the forest. He didn’t have much idea what kind of mushrooms were edible, so he chose a good assortment of all the ones on the ground.

Later, that would be a big mistake that I shouldn’t have made. He was ready to return home, his basket was completely full of mushrooms of all kinds and colors. As always, Luigi came back singing a song while whistling. Mario was resting on the couch while watching television and drinking a good soda. Later, Luigi left the basket on the table and asked Mario to take some to eat.

Our hero picked up a pink mushroom and Luigi one of the brightest blues. Suddenly, the two of them began to transform, it was normal considering that each mushroom had a different power. Although this time was nothing normal, Mario became a girl and Luigi became a muscular man. Luigi’s cock was super erect when he saw Mario’s sexy and hot body. The two couldn’t resist having wild sex as long as nobody noticed. It would be a secret that I could never tell anyone.

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