Gwen Attack! – Ben 10

Gwen Attack 01

The naughty little Ben was caught by Gwen while he was hidden in her hotel room trying to see Gwen’s mother naked. She pretends to be angry but her real purpose was to take advantage of poor Ben. She knows that her mother always was interested in all men she wants to fuck but Gwen knew how to get Ben that night. How? If Ben rejects her, she will going to tell everyone about it so Ben will have to do whatever Gwen wants.

I get you naughty boy
It was just as she expected, she owned Ben. Gwen set Ben on the bed and stand up in front of him; she put her panties aside and forces him to lick her tight pussy. Ben surprisingly knew how to do it, and she quickly enjoying it. Gwen was getting horny, when suddenly… Her mother shouted from the outside that she was waiting for her to go to the family meeting and Gwen had to put Ben’s mouth outside her wet pussy. The same night she was still hot, so she quickly left her room and went looking for Ben. He was pretending to be asleep but he was a little glum and there was no way out; Gwen wouldn´t leave the room until she got what she wanted.

Ben become a man
Gwen put her huge tits on Ben face to make him feel comfortable. She showed him her beautiful and young body; after that Ben forgot Gwen’s mother. Gwen told him that she put a soundproof barrier in the room; no one will be able to interrupt them now. Ben shyly put his cloth off, his cock was already erect; she take a quick sight of Ben cock and got amazed. Ben lay out on the bed, she put on the top doing the cowgirl; Suddenly Ben put his dick on her warm pussy. She thought to herself that Ben’s dick was so much better than her vibrator; she was waiting to feel his hot spunk inside her.
Gwen started moving faster and her tits were bounting; both were frisky. Finally, she felt him cumming inside her twat; while she was horny and moaning loudly. Ben fucked her like no one did it before; nevertheless Gwen wanted more action and invites Ben to fuck her in doggy style to feel him deeper. This time was Ben who fucked her hardly; Gwen was screaming, moaning, and sweating… they both cum at the same time.

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