Full Support – Windeburg

Full Support - Windeburg

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A LOL Hentai Comic in which we can see two of the sexiest girls in this universe, Soraka and Xayah.

The story of this sex comic begins when Xayah is injured and lying on the floor. Soraka as a suport buna begins to heal her as best she can and as quickly as possible. Xayah, in gratitude, kisses her savior on the cheek.

Soraka’s nipples began to get hard, feeling that sexy girl so close to her and her sweet kiss made her cock hard. Xayah was surprised to see that her friend had a giant cock. Soraka without hesitation grabbed Xayah’s big tits and began to touch them with her hands, her friend was restless she didn’t know what to do. But when Soraka’s cock brushed her pussy she felt a pleasant sensation. At that moment he knew what he had to do, began to talk to Soraka and took off her panties.

He put himself in position for Soraka’s cock to get inside her pussy. She was very horny, she didn’t know what she was doing, but her instinct told her she was doing the right thing. Her pussy was wet and hungry for a good cock. When Soraka put his cock inside that pussy, he couldn’t take much more and ended up filling the inside of Xayah’s pussy with his semen. This was not enough for the warrior so she grabbed that incredible cock and began to blow it.

So they were fucking many times until Xayah’s body ended up full of semen and the two girls were so tired of fucking. We hope you liked this league of legends porn comic

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