Dick Down

Dick Down


In this Interracial porn comic drawn by Moose, we are going to see the story of a somewhat peculiar family.

It all started on a cold winter night, Myra was preparing to party. While the news was on TV, it was said that house thefts had increased lately. Everything seemed calm when suddenly a band of thieves entered the house of this family.

The father found three dark-skinned men shaking hands with his wife. She seemed to be enjoying how her tits, ass and pussy touched. One of the criminals recognized the father of the family, who was his former boss. The man reproached him that he was fired on Christmas day and had no money to feed his family. That is why he was in this situation and was forced to steal.

He told him that today he was going to avenge raping the sexy woman of his former boss. The father threatened to call the police, but another of the thieves also found the sexy daughter. The wife said she was going to do everything necessary for them to leave. Deep down she was looking forward to those huge black cocks getting inside her pussy.

The thieves began to rape the mother wildly, while the man and his daughter watched. The young girl was horny and began to masturbate while watching her mother as she was penetrated through all her holes. Myra couldn’t take it anymore and got up to get fucked too.

His father was shocked to see how his wife and daughter were fucked by a bunch of criminals, while they were enjoying as whores.

When they finished fucking them, the boys left. At that moment Myra ran after one of the boys, gave him money and told him to call her. It had all been a plan between her and her mother to annoy her father.

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