Counter Gank – Strong Bana

Counter Gank

Today we bring you a new Strong Bana comic in which Evelynn is going to win the top. There is a very annoying Teemo that does not tile the quiet top liner. While Evelynn is stalking Teemo, Rengar has seen her going there.

The only thing the enemy jungler wants is to fuck the sexy enemy jugler. Rengar is going behind his back just when he is going to kill Teemo and licks her pussy. Evelynn runs off and kills the yordle, but Rengar wants to fuck her anyway and throws a net.

Evelynn falls on the net and cannot move, it is stowed. Now the enemy jugler can do what he wants with her. He begins to undress her, Evelynn blushes and pussy starts to get wet when she feels the big claws of the lion touching her. Soon he was enjoying and enjoying pleasure, he lacked the breath he had already had many orgasms and Rengar’s beast seemed to have no end.

But as time went by, the tables turned. Every time Evelynn had more and more desire for sex, but Rengar was starting to tire him. He called Ekko to help him, the two cocks got into Evelynn but nothing stopped her. She was increasingly active, she was a sex monster. Every time I wanted to fuck more.

The two men were already exact, they didn’t have a drop of semen in them anymore. Evelynn was already satisfied when Teemo arrived wishing to fuck her. But she ended up tearing him apart and sent him to the base.

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