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Trapped Heckapoo 02

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Hekapoo, from Star vs. the Forces of Evil TV show, was a member of the Magic High Commission, this council oversees all of the magic activity that happens in the universe. Hekapoo was the
Scissors Enforcer and a good friend of Marco Diaz; she had adventures alongside Marco in several dimensions. One day, she challenged Marco to blow her flame but he couldn’t maybe she wanted to blow something to Marco instead. Anyway, Hekapoo left the headquarters to have a look in another dimension but a strange guy was waiting for her.

Somebody is watching me
She was in a dark and deep cave, was walking alone and lighting by her small orange flame that burns over her head. Someone was chasing her and she didn’t notice him, she found herself at a dead-end and saw a shadow but it was too late, the stranger was over her and caught her from behind. Firstly, she was not afraid of him she thought that he was a weak and little boy but then she noticed that the stranger was even stronger than her; Hekapoo got afraid in an instant, she knew that something was going on wrong.

The Captor
The strange guy saw her with a grin in his mouth; he did not say any word. Hekapoo had no way out, he took her skirt off letting see her pale white skin and her red pubic hair; she was so embarrassed that told him to blow her flame and let her just die there. Hekapoo’s hair was so long that he had to pull it out so as fix his cock into her pussy; deep inside she enjoyed it, she felt warm and so good. A while later he cum inside her pussy, Hekapoo was so happy; the captor makes her feel like a real woman.

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