Toppo and Cocotte Training Session

Toppo & Cocotte Training Session 01

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Cocotte, a member of Pride Troopers, fought in the Tournament of Power in this tournament the stronger warriors from eight out of the twelve Universes were participating, if a team defeated their universe would be erased, she was part of Team Universe 11. Cocotte and the rest of Team Universe 11 were eliminated in the tournament, Toppo was really angry with them, he was the leader of Team Universe 11 and he could not leave passing Cocotte’s amateurism.

Toppo the Veteran
Toppo was a large man with a big mustache, he was a powerful veteran warrior; the second stronger warrior in Universe 11. Toppo told Cocotte that her performance was disappointing but she said to him that Lord Belmon, God of Destruction of Universe 11, told her how to train to get stronger. Toppo didn’t agree, he knew how to train her and knew the right method; Toppo showed Cocotte his cock; it was a big cock with a bulging vein and he told her that he going to train her.

Intensive Training
Cocotte was afraid of him, his colossal presence intimidated her but finally, she gave him a blowjob, she was tired but he continues with this intensive training, Toppo put her in a doggy style and saw her soft and violet pussy but he chose her tight butthole; she never did this before. Troppo slapped her ass he left her handprints then he went faster and deeper; Toppo cum inside her pussy and put her aside. Thus ended the first session, Cocotte was laying on the floor she was exhausted and she knew the training will continue tomorrow.

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