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In the top of a building in Brooklyn, New York City, there were our well-known friendly neighbors, Spider-Man, and Spider-Girl. This hot Latina, half Puerto Rican, half Mexican called Anya Corazon joined Spider-Man and the Spider Society to fight the Inheritors who wanted to extinguish every Spider from all the multiverse. The Spider Society defeated the Inheritors; the city was again a peaceful place to live. Anya hated this part of the job of a hero; boring stakeouts was a big part of their daily activities. She knew that The Avengers were always fighting and fucking; there is no boring stakeout for them.

Señor Parker’ Webhead
Spider-Girl wanted to break the ice with Spidey and asked him how many Avengettes did he thwip with, Spidey tried to change the subject but he couldn’t, Anya told him that she was old enough to have his big webhead inside her; Spidey had no choice and pushed her out of the building. Spider-Girl knew that he wanted her because he didn’t detect danger and she saw a big boner, their spandex costumes serve as a second skin, you can see their figures easily; too damn revealing. Anya pursued him and put his costume’s pants off, she grabbed Spidey’s cock and give him a blowjob.

Not a friendly Neighbor
She was getting into the Lolita fetish and knew how to seduce him with her Latina’ hotness. Spidey felt guilty, he had doubts Anya was a minor but it wasn’t the worst felony Spidey had in his criminal record; things are never black and white for heroes. Spider-Girl slowly stripper her spandex black costume off and showed Spidey her soft and young pussy and without knowing her age; he banged her. Peter realized her game and treated her like a sophomore slut.

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