The Queen’s Affair – Frozen

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The Crowning of Elsa took place in the castle; people came from everywhere to celebrate the most important day in the kingdom for years, there was the Duke from Wealston, a prince from the Southern Isles, the Merchant Guild leader, Oaken; each one of them was there for their own reason, but none had caught the young queen eyes, none until Duchess Anna show herself. Elsa was sitting on her throne and saw the beautiful Duchess, she introduced herself as it should be and got the queen’s attention, Elsa told her that she seems like something special and invited her to take a walk with her.

Until the Dawn
Elsa took the Duchess on a castle’s tour, they spoke at great length, without noticed they spoke all night long; they enjoyed each other’s company so much that they didn’t realize that the morning had come. It was the perfect scenario, Elsa kissed Anna and though the Duchess was surprised, she kissed Elsa back, Elsa asked her to stay in the castle with her for a few more days and obviously, Anna answered her that it would be a pleasure. Queen Elsa and Duchess Anna began closer friends quickly, their relationship became intensely intimate, they hide all over the castle to have intimacy; they really enjoyed sneaking around.

The Queen and the Duchess
Queen Anna wanted to stay with her all night long and invited her to stay in the main room; the next morning Queen Elsa would reveal their relationship, Anna and Elsa fell in love. The Duchess arrived on time and came into the main room; Elsa set fire to keep their warm; they talked for a while. Elsa asked her if she was wearing the sexy lingerie she bought for her and told her to take off the robe, Anna took her robe off and shows her that goddess body and went to kiss her; the Queen and the Duchess were going to have their best night ever.

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