The Lezzing Of Korra

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Pema was in her home with Korra, there were too her sons Rohan, Ikki, Jinora, and Meelo, a masked stranger came through the window and caught Rohan, the baby he might be a powerful waterbending master. Korra quickly got furious and threatened him; the stranger told her if Korra move he would fry the boy with an electric glove he was wearing. Pema begged Korra to do exactly what the masked stranger demanded if Korra didn’t do it he was going to kill her baby.

Korra bends her sexual orientation
The masked stranger wanted Korra to strip for him, he wants to see her lewd body; Pema helped her to put off Korra’s shirt. Now he wanted Pema to undress; he told her that pregnancy has made her breasts very luscious. To sum up, every girl in the house had to undress. Pema tied up Korra’s wrists and feet, she begged to stop struggling she was doing it to protect her family. He told Ikki and Jinora to join them, Korra felt uncomfortable because a girl was going to suck on her crotch. A few minutes later, the masked stranger told Meelo to join them too and forced Korra to give him a blowjob.

Behind the Mask
The lewd view turned the masked stranger on and he decided to join them, when he put the mask off to show himself Korra was shocked; it was Asami behind the mask. Asami put her clothes off; she was wearing an especial strap-on dildo, an electrical one to take Korra’s virginity. She commanded the other girls to hold Korra down for her; girls opened wide Korra’s legs so Asami fit the electrical dildo into her crotch. A few hours later, Korra was wasted lying on the floor, they had to clean up the mess for Asami’s second round.

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