The Book Of Riko – Nanao

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The Book Of Riko 01

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Riko was having sex with his boyfriend. She was embarrassed not just for the clothes she was wearing but for the position she was in. She was sitting on his face and he was eating her pussy. She couldn’t take it anymore so she asked just to do it normally. So he began to fucked her from behind. First, she was on all fours, and then she sat on his dick; she liked it that way. He fucked her in that position hard and rough. She came with his dick inside her.
Riko dress up again
Later that day he asked Riko if she wanted to use a nurse scrub the next time. She told him she would think about it. She tried the nurse scrub. It looked alright on her. He asked her to call him when she finished changing but she didn’t feel mentally prepared to do so. However, he broke into the room; and told her that she looked perfect. He can’t believe she would really wear that for him. She was sucking his cock and thinking it wasn’t that bad, it was painful and it tasted strange but she may not dislike it.

Riko’s mind is going blank
She felt his mouth so hot and his dick was getting bigger and bigger inside it.  She was going blank and he was almost cumming. He took out his dick from her mouth and put it in her pussy. She was surprised because he still wanted to do it. She can’t think straight anymore. He asked her if she still wasn’t satisfied. Her insides felt even tighter than usual, they were pushing him out. He was forcing it and they both came at the same time. She wanted to do it once more.

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Erotic comics are a genre of comics that focus upon sexual arousal and erotic pleasure. These comics can be either illustrated or written, and often feature explicit or suggestive sexual content.
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