Super Stuffed Saiyan

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Super Stuffed Saiyan 01

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Kale and Kaulifla wanted a battle with Vegeta just for training and he said that he had no time for babysitting two weaklings. Kaulifla told Kale that they had to show Vegeta who was the real weakling so Kaulifla put the Pothala earings of Kaio-shin Huwa on Kale’s ear to started the fusion and they became Kafla; Vegeta smelt the true scent of a Saiyan female, that was something really exceptional. Vegeta was well-disposed to train them but Kafla must follow exactly what Vegeta says; that was the only way she will get strong. Kafla said to him that she was going to do exactly what he says without saying a word.

The Training
So the training began, Vegeta said that she must start by taking her panties off and she did it; Kafla saw him with desire. Vegeta ordered Goku to grabbed Kafla because they are gonna show her how they train the low-class females, Goku was completely sure that Chichi doesn’t like that kind of method but Vegeta convinced him that this training would make them even stronger. Goku teleported and grabbed her from behind, grabbed Kafla’s legs, and opened them up while Vegeta came over and stuck his dick right in her butthole, Goku wanted to train too and he put his cock in the same butthole. Kafla felt so horny, she got wet and felt tingly which caused her nearly cum, in the climax Kafla become a super Saiyan 2 but when she cum out she fell on the ground defeated but she felt an incredible inner force.

The Revenge
Sometime later Goku and Vegeta were training and Kefka appeared in super Saiyan 2 form, she told them things going to be different now, they not going to defeat her no more. Kafla took her panties off and show them the butt, she was ready for the training again but both just flew out away.

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