Super Sons 1 – DC Universe

Super Sons 01

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Louis Lane was alone in her room. She was masturbating when Jon arrived in the room. He wanted to keep her company because his dad was away. He got under her sheet and realized she slept naked just like him. He wanted her to be happy so he is going to do what his dad always does to her. Elsewhere Damian is sleeping alone on a giant bed in Wayne Manor. He is dead tired after a busy day of crime-fighting, his dad is in Beijing. Then his mom Talia entered the room, she wanted to teach him a final lesson, how to make love to a woman.

Learning new skills
Damian thought it was a useless skill but wanted to learn it anyway. She began the lesson with a kiss; then asked him to caress her body, to touch her, to feel her. He mastered the kiss and managed to arouse Talia. She decided to show him the pleasure of the woman’s mouth and sucked his cock. In Louis’ room, Jon is touching her pussy, he has seen his dad doing that before and she liked it. He thought he was hurting her but actually; she is enjoying it quite a lot.

The supersons satisfied their moms
Jon is eating his mom’s pussy, and his cock got hard. Louis asked to put it inside her pussy. In Wayne Manor, Damian had a magnificent erection. He is ready to test his stamina inside her mom. A confused Jon was fucking her mom, he is amazing at it. Louis is in ecstasy. Damian had studied his dad’s move watching surveillance footage of him with Selina Kyle having sex, he is quite good. They both came inside their moms. They both had proven they are their fathers’ sons.                      

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