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It’s the end of the summer Candy, Anne, Anthony, Archie and Patty met with Alistear who had an accident on his plane but he was ok. Anne and Archie took separate ways, also Candy and Anthony leaving Alistear and Patty alone. Anne and Archie wanted to have a little fun together. They went to a room and she wants him to take her for the first time. He licked her pussy then fucked her, it hurts at firsts but then she really enjoyed it. Patty wants to wait until marriage but that doesn’t mean her and Alister couldn’t have some 69 fun.

Anthony and Candy had a problem
Anthony and Candy were talking in front of the lake then he kissed her and Cady upset slapped him, Anthony slapped her back. She gets angry and coming back home she hears Archie and Anne having sex. Alistear told Annie he is going to Europe to the war, she was very upset. The next day everyone is having breakfast together, Anthony acts like nothing happened at the lake. That same day candy paid a visit to Anne to remember the old days. They have lesbian sex.

Anthony and Candy solved their problem
Candy and Anne take a bath naked in the lake. Candy asked her about her first time, she told her it was magical. Anne convinces Cady to give Anthony another chance so Candy went to Anthony’s room almost naked. She asked him what he feels for her, his answer was a kiss. However this time was different, she felt great and have sex with him all the chances they got. Candy had an amazing summer but she had to come back to work as a Nurse in the war,Annie is upset because she goes there like Alistear.   

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