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Slutty Violet

In this comic Slutty Violet MelkorMancin we can see how Violet is at home and the doorbell rings, violet goes out to see who she is and saw her uncle frozono, asked what was she doing there to what her uncle replied that happened to see her that he had not seen his favorite niece for a long time.

Violet every time she saw her uncle her pussy got wet but she never said it because she was afraid that her uncle would despise her or stop talking to her and because her parents were not going to sit very well knowing that her daughter was wearing horny when he saw his uncle Frozone, then he said that if he wanted a soda and his uncle did not refuse.

When they were in the living room taking a soda Violet could not resist and threw himself on his uncle’s frozone’s cock, his uncle when he saw that he did not know what to do but Violet told him not to worry about his parents because they would not find out You’re welcome since you were on vacation in Benidorm a city of Spain.

Frozono could not contain himself and ended up pulling his cock from his pants and making Violet suck his cock, Violet didn’t want to suck his cock but Fozono grabbed his head and put his cock in Viola’s mouth and began to shake it until he ejaculated inside from violet’s mouth.

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