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Giovanni, the leader of the infamous criminal organization Team Rocket and Team Rainbow Rocket, also was the leader of Viridian City’s gym in Kanto. Giovanni was an evil man who wants to rule the world with all the Pokémon. He knew about the bitter rivalry between Cassidy and Jessie. Girls’ rivalry started years ago in the Team Rocket’s training Academy, where Cassidy said that she was better than her. Giovanni had to stop that stupid rivalry because it was getting problems with the organization.

Who is the best member?
Giovanni preferred Cassidy over Jessie, he knew Jessie obtained Pokémon for him but he also knew her personal goal was to capture Ash’s Pikachu. Jessie wasn’t entirely loyal to him, and instead, treats the assignments he gives her as means to her own ends. Beside it, Cassidy was favored by Giovanni due to her success; she earned Giovanni’s trust. Giovanni got a plan, he invited both them to his mansion for a dinner; he had to stop that night. Cassidy arrived first and Giovanni told her to come in, Jessie was late and when she went to the mansion she saw Cassidy with the boss, she got angry and she nearly got out of there.

Giovanni’s Bitches
Giovanni begged her to stay, and she accepted. They had a lovely dinner; the girls were talking about their adventures. Giovanni told them that they had to stop the rivalry; they both were his number one girl and said that he loved them. He put his pants off and ordered Cassidy to suck his cock, Cassidy bent down and did it, Giovanni gave Jessie a strap-on dildo and she fucked Cassidy’s butthole. He sat down and Jessie rode him; she used the reverse cowgirl position and he loved it. Finally, Jessie and Cassidy joined to give the boss a blowjob; the rivalry just ended.

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