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Bunny Riven works in the Noxus Club as a prostitute. Her work is to satisfy the darkest desires of her clients. She is a beautiful woman with white skin, gray hair, brown eyes, great abs and legs, huge tits and ass. Her work uniform is a small black tie tied in a white collar, a navy blue corset, black tights, a brown belt, and black heels. A pair of bunny ears and a bunny tail completes her look. Four guys arrived at the Noxus Club. Bunny Riven welcome them and gave the group sex menu to one of them. They wanted to do everything on the menu for a whole week.

A week of action
The group sex menu included deepthroat, doggy style, anal, double penetration, and creampie. The guys will have Bunny Riven as a slave for a whole week. However, They didn’t waste any time and stripped her naked, then one of the guys asked her to open her mouth. She obeyed. Then, she sucked the cock of one of the guys while jerking off the other guy and she was pussy fucked for another one. The guys asked her to suck harder, she obeyed. They enjoyed her tied pussy.

Bunny Riven Whore was born
She sucked and jerked off two of the guys while another one fucked her and grabbed her tits. They asked her to show them her slutty face. She did and received the semen of two of the guys. She was fucked in the ass, mouth, and pussy, also have semen on her face and boobs. She lost her mind. One week later she had written on her legs fuck here and Noxus whore, she is completely submissive. Bunny Riven Whore was born. Her wet pussy is ready to be fucked.

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